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About the Parents

About Sadie Sophia

Sadie was born to an AKC registered American Golden Retriever and an AKC registered Standard Poodle in April 2009. She is a small Standard F1 Goldendoodle weighing 50 pounds. Her coat is a wavy-curly cream with light apricot . While Sadie’s littermates are reported to be little-to-no-shedding, Sadie does shed. Her first litter is when she is fully mature at two and a half years old.
Sadie is a very mellow, independent, smart girl. She loves agility and has ventured into the world of assistance dogs by providing comfort to stressed children and the elderly. She loves to run on the beach and be outside.


About Kody

Kody was born to an AKC registered English Golden Retriever and an AKC registered Miniature Poodle in May 2010. He is a Medium first generation (F1) Goldendoodle weighing 42 pounds. His coat is a flat-wavy apricot/red and cream. He sheds very little.
Kody is a sweet, energetic, goofy, people-oriented dog. He loves agility and is a people-pleaser. His best friend is our “old girl” (Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever). Kody greets us each morning with a gift of a toy in his mouth while wiggling like crazy.

Kody and Sadie have had the most rigorous testing for hip dysplasia. Kody's hips are in the normal range. Sadie's results follow:
PennHIP states: “This result means that 1) your animal’s hips are tighter than approximately 100% of this group of animals (alternatively, 0% of the group has tighter hips than your animal), and 2) your animal’s hip laxity is in the tighter half of the laxity profile. Based on a cross-section of 293 canine animals of the Goldendoodle Cross breed. The median DI (distraction index) for this group is 0.56. Sadie’s DI is 0.40. A high risk level is 0.70 so the lower the DI, the better.”

Both Sadie and Kody come from an excellent veterinarian-breeder who focuses on temperament and health (certified hips, eyes, and quality care) and, of course, they come from different lineages. Both dogs have been examined by a canine ophthalmologist and have passed their CERF testing. They stay current on their shots and have regular visits to our veterinarian.
Both dogs have been through puppy kindergarten, puppy agility, family manners and more agility! They are raised in our home, not a kennel, and are beloved members of our family.


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